Bicycles on Main - 2024 - Registration

Guidelines / Please Read Before Continuing

* Bikes should be in place by Tuesday, April 30th. Judging will be done the following week.
* Please remove your Bike on Friday May 31st, or as soon as possible thereafter.
* Bikes must be properly secured, oriented toward the sidewalk and checked periodically for damage.
* The Old Wethersfield Shopkeepers Association is not responsible for any loss or damage.
* Please remember that this is a family-oriented event and design bikes accordingly.

Note: A location will be assigned and a business name and phone number will be provided so that placement arrangements can be made PRIOR to construction of the Bike display and to answer any questions you may have concerning set up and removal on the business property.

Bike Information

Only new designs are eligible for awards.
Note: Final location will be determined by the OWSA